Has Cracked the 1-Million Alexa Ceiling!

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With Consistency and High-Quality Content! has cracked the 1-million Alexa site ranking ceiling. As a 1-woman army I am very proud to achieve this because it means that so many people value my content. I am happy that people come to my site to read my writing, listen to my podcasts and watch my videos. I truly value all of them.



It has been a long time coming. I have started in 2015 so three years later to get this site ranking is the best thing ever for me! I have earned it. Getting to this point is all about consistency and producing high-quality content be it writing, audio, image or video.

Having seen go to the low 2 million, I started writing down how I would feel crossing the 1-million threshold. I can honestly say that I feel surreal inside and a little misty eyed because I never thought that I would make it here; yet, here I am.

What’s next for ? Hitting the Majestic Million, a list of the top 1 million sites in the world of course! I know that it will be a journey but I am up for it. Keep your eyes peeled and sign up for my mailing list to be a part of this journey with me!




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