Has Hit Its Highest Monthly Pageviews

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This June 2018 has over 1800 pageviews.

This is the most ever for this site!


I attribute high monthly pageviews to the following:

  • my increasing YouTube subscription numbers,
  • Expand Your Personal Brand sale,
  • About Me videos
  • Project Management Mondays Live (PMM Live) show returns
  • ITIL and PMP certifications articles.


I have received 75 subscribers in June. I am 75% of the way towards receiving a personalized URL. My main content covers social media, personal branding and project management. I have also learned that readers view my YouTube channel as a reference site. I am honored by this because it means that my audience believes that I am an authority. Subscribe:

Expand Your Personal Brand sale

I have run a sale on Selz and Amazon for my Amazon bestselling book and workbook. I have received increased sales and renewed interest. This has spread to my other personal branding related article such as How to Make Bank by Branding You.

About Me videos

I have released new About Me videos showcasing my new data analytics, SAS administration, technical project manager, and help desk management. These videos have generated interest and LinkedIn Profinder proposals.

Project Management Mondays Live (PMM Live) Show Returns

PMM Live, my YouTube Livestream show returned this June. I released two episodes. This has generated more YouTube videos and traffic. I broadcast a current project management topic on YouTube every Monday at 6pm EST.

ItIL and PMP Certifications Articles

I celebrated my 1-year ITIL anniversary and 5-year PMP anniversary the last week of June. Receiving my PMP 5 years completely changed my career’s trajectory. It has allowed me to start Phenomena Corporation. I have leveraged the PMP to host an Invensis Learning webinar. My ITIL certification has increased my marketability.

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