July 2020 Goals

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My new goal is to do more content marketing and social media video marketing because I love to create things that people will enjoy. I will be working on writing more Twitter and LinkedIn proposals in these two areas.


Speaking of social media, I have been having great numbers across the board. Here they are:

Social Medium Metrics
YouTube 1900 monthly video views
Twitter 1800 Followers
LinkedIn 2875 Followers
Pinterest 2300 Followers
Instagram 985 Followers
Medium 300 Followers 215,000 Alexa Internet



YouTube – I had a producing relevant actionable project management information YouTube video goes viral with over 900 views. I shot this video because an IG follower said that I provided relevant project management content on my Projectized Instagram Live. This one video paved the way towards getting over 1900 monthly video views. Subscribe at

Twitter – I got 1800 Twitter followers this past week. Furthermore, I received over 260K monthly Twitter impressions. Several prominent Twitter chats such as CMWorld (content marketing, Tuesday), Winnie Sun (business, Wednesday), Adweek (advertising, Wednesday) and Twitter Smarter (Twitter, Thursday) have helped me with these numbers. I am all about providing value.  Follow me at

LinkedIn – Tonight I have just gotten to 2875 LinkedIn followers. Moreover, I have received over 200 LinkedIn Pulse article views from My 7 Ways My PMP Helped Me article. Furthermore, I received over 100 LinkedIn Pulse article views from 3 Lessons Learned from My Passing my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. Since I have passed my Solutions Architect Associate exam last Tuesday, I will publish the 3 Lessons Learned from My SAA Exam. Connect with me on LinkedIn

Pinterest – I received 2300 followers. I admitted that after losing my PM.Expert domain, my growth came to a grinding halt because I did have a specific project management site to go to. I was happy to finally cross this threshold. Follow me at

Instagram – I received 985 Instagram followers. I got over 500 IG views for my 7th PMP anniversary video. Even with under 1000 fans, I was getting a whole lot of traction. Follow me at

Medium – I received over 300 Medium followers. Also I started receiving over 100 monthly reads for the second month. I was increasing my followers by posting there more often and having Medium-only content too updating them. I went from 3 cents to 13 cents this month as a Medium Partners. I had yet to drop original content onto Medium since I wanted control so it was over at  Follow me at – I purchased the GoDaddy SEO tools 1-year membership. Even without posting anything new for this past week my Alexa Internet number was still 215,000. I will keep posting even more this week. Subscribe to my mailing list at

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