March 2018 SimilarWeb Site Rankings Soar Globally and Nationally

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 ranks 2.7 million globally and 700K nationally March 2018 SimilarWeb site rankings have soared globally and nationally! We are currently at 2,705,247 globally and 704,359 nationally. As an American business blogger, being ranked until 750,000 is a huge accomplishment. It means that people are reading my stuff and staying on my site.  I have always promised no fluff when writing my articles. I am happy that my readers agree with me.

I have achieved these exemplary site rankings due to these following factors:

  • That’s due to receiving 4 articles getting over 1000 hits
  • I have stuck with the spring cleaning theme which is timely attracting more readers
  • I have shared my articles in relevant groups that would read that material
  • I have videos accompanying these articles. Video is the biggest converter. Also people consume content differently. Some people like reading while others like watching videos. has both. These are reflected in the 1500+ pageviews.

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