March 2020 Goals

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Happy March everyone! March is the beginning of spring and here at we are going to spring into action in the areas of project management and IT service management.

ITIL 3 will phase out this June 2020. PMP exam will change July 1, 2020. This site will focus on these changes and how to get you ready months in advance.


Another thing will focus on answering your PMP and ITIL 4 questions and giving you more of my certification experiences. It is not just enough to say that you will pass these exams but how will you do it. I am giving you the behind the scenes way that I have studied and resources that I have used to pass these certification exams.

Finally, will feature more spring cleaning articles. This is March and we are all about renewal. This renewal will also be in our store. Expect even more products and services to help your personal brand and prepare for the PMP and ITIL 4. Shop the current store at

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