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posted in: Uncategorized | 0 Moves The Global and National Site Rankings keeps moving up the Alexa Internet ranking globally and nationally! I am currently at 2.4 million up from 2.8 million. This is confirmation that my readers resonate with me writing from the heart. I have shared and poured into my readers about the ups and downs of being a business blogger. They also come to my site to read, share and learn from me in the areas of social media, personal branding and project management.


Being ranked 306,000 (up from 371,000) in the US rank feels especially good as an American because it means that my fellow Americans care about me and what I write. That’s special to me because being successful in you home country is a badge of honor that I will carry everywhere I go!

Brands want to work with Phenomena because we offer them our astute audience who’ll not only stay on their ads and sponsored posts but will click their product links. Simply put Phenomena brings our branding partners return on investment (ROI).

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Here’s the return on investment working with me

These are the benefits and the return on investment (ROI) you’ll get working with me. Want to work with me. Book a session here:




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