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Carla’s Corner:

Today, Microsoft has decided to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Here is the article: . This news magnifies the importance of owning your own platform, purchasing your domain name, and building your email list. Here is my Personal Branding Tips article from the archives: . Regardless of what’s going on in the stock market, it is your responsibility to control your message and having your own platform is your way of accomplishing this!

This Week

  1. Bedazzled Reading Gives My Book an A Rating (Link)
  2. Instagram Giveaway (Instagram Account)
  3. Ebook Now Available on
  4. Carlarjenkins LeadPages account

In Case You Missed It

  1. BlackBizScope Periscope Last Friday (Periscope)
  2. Received my Third Amazon 5-Star Review (Photo)


  1. This Saturday – My Reading Addiction Facebook Party (Facebook Link)
  2. Friday – Free Personal Branding Webinar
  3. Teachable Course Launch this week!

Bedazzled Reading Gives Expand Your Personal Brand an A Rating

Book blog, Bedazzled Reading, has given my book, Expand Your Personal Brand, an A rating! I am happy that my story resonates with so many people out there.

Instagram Giveaway

I am hosting an Instagram Giveaway from now until today at 5pm EST. The first person to answer three questions will win a free ebook. Here they are:

  1. Where is the author from?
  2. What are the three Cs?
  3. List one of the book’s chapters.

Ebook Now Available on

I am happy to announce (with the assistance of Sharvette Mitchell! Check her out here: ) that you can now purchase my ebook directly from my site:

Carlarjenkins LeadPages account

This past weekend, I have debuted my new LeadPages account. LeadPages, is a prominent landing page company. For those who do not know, a landing page attracts and captures information (emails, phone numbers, etc.). Using this platform will increase promotional reach of my materials. Here is my link here:

In Case You Missed It

BlackBizScope Periscope Last Friday (Periscope)

Last Friday, I promoted my business, Phenomena, and my book on BlackBizScope’s Periscope TV channel. Periscope is a livestream mobile application owned by Twitter. BlackBizScope promotes black businesses on its channel. Here is my Periscope stream here:

I Received My Third 5-Star Amazon Review

On June 8th, Expand Your Personal Brand, has received its third 5-star review. I am humbled by this because it proves that my book offers 20 top business lessons to help professionals achieve branding success. See attached photo:


Friday – Free Personal Branding Webinar

I will be hosting my first free personal branding webinar. I will be answering live questions as well as discuss new products coming from Phenomena.

This Saturday – My Reading Addiction Facebook Party

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, virtual book promotions company, My Reading Addiction, will host my Facebook party. June 18th commemorates my one-month anniversary of my book’s release. You can attend this event for free here:

Teachable Course Will Debut This Week!

As much delay and revamping, I am happy to announce that will debut this week. Stay tuned here and on my social media channels for more information.

Also you can buy Expand Your Personal Brand here:


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