Newsletter – Issue 5

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Carla’s Corner: Declare your independence from mediocrity!

Independence Day has just passed and a lot of people are celebrating freedom. Since many are returning to work, I am demanding that you the reader declare your independence from mediocrity. What be average when you can be the best? Most people don’t know that it takes way more energy to be average than to the best. So go out there and be the best!

In this Issue

  1. Expand Your Personal Brand Receives Its Fourth 5-Star Rating!
  2. eBay Fashion Newbie Update
  3. Project Management Plan Teachable course – YouTube video

You Should Had Been There!

  1. Positive Change Radio : Practicing Mindfulness


  1. Expand Your Personal Brand Workbook
  2. Expand Your Personal Brand Audiobook
  3. Livestreaming and video
  4. Carla R Jenkins will be on Janet Taylor’s July 18th Got Clutter, Get Organized radio show


In the Issue

Expand Your Personal Brand Receives Its Fourth 5-Start Rating

This past week, Expand Your Personal Brand, received its fourth 5-star Amazon rating. Once again, this reinforced that my book solves personal branding problems at a cheap rate. You can buy my book here:

eBay Fashion Newbie Update

As you know, I have just become a new eBay seller to declutter my closet (and you should too since the seasons have changed). Having started June 15th, I have earned nearly $1000 through customer satisfaction, giving the customers what they want and mailing thank you cards. Here is my Periscope detailing my journey:

Also take a peak of my online store for more goodies!

Project Management Plan Teachable course

The Project Management Plan Teachable course is live offering Project Management Institute-certified lessons. Since my last broadcast, there have been more video content. I have added 20 Things that All Project Managers Should Learn video and PowerPoint to help students master project management. With this course, I always ensure that all material aligns with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) because I want the student to produce a reliable uniform result from project to project. Here is the video:

The course costs $297. Enroll here:

You Should Had Been There!

Positive Change Radio – Mindfulness

Last Thursday, June 29, 2016, I broadcast the 5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Work. Click here to listen to the archive. .


Expand Your Personal Brand Workbook

The workbook has been updated and will go to the printer this week. This new version of the workbook will contain 40 exercises instead of 20 exercises. My goal is to solve personal branding problems at an affordable rate.

Expand Your Personal Brand Audiobook

Phenomena is in the process of creating an audiobook. There are a whole lot of business people whom listen to podcasts during their commutes or train and plane layovers. There is a lot of market share out there for Expand Your Personal Brand audiobook.  It should be available around the end of July/early August.


I have expanded my video/livestreaming option beyond Periscope. I have been doing more Facebook Live and YouTube videos. Facebook Live is great for community building. YouTube is wonderful for my webinar (through Google Hangouts) and search engine optimization (YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google which owns YouTube). Furthermore, I have increased my Periscope broadcasting to at least three times a week providing high quality content. Of course, you can catch me normally at 5:30pm EST. Here are my accounts:


Facebook Live or Carlarjenkins Public Page



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