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posted in: Uncategorized | 1 is ranked down under in Australia! I am happy that all of my Australian readers rock with me! My brand is truly becoming a worldwide phenomenon! It is all about creating no-fluff, actionable content that gives readers instant results. When you write from a place of learning from mistakes and how to use what you have to move forward, people receive that. You’re your eyes peeled for way more big things coming to . Also you can subscribe to my mailing list for the latest news and exclusives here: 

Here are my areas of expertise:

Business – Operating three blogs and online stores

Project management – my PM.Expert blog and Project Management Monday podcast

Change management –, positive change blog

Personal branding – Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand,

Social media – Klout Score of 66, top 10% of all social media users

Content Marketing – Medium top 10% blogger and Medium Member

Economics and statistics – Worked as an Economist with BA in International Economics



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