SimilarWeb Site Rankings Soar Nationally and Globally

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SimilarWeb Ranks 658,000 in US, 2.5 Million Globally




I am very happy to share with everyone that SimilarWeb has ranked 2.5 million! That’s 900,000 spots higher than my 3.4 Alexa site ranking! I am also overjoyed to learn that my site is ranked in the US and it’s under 1 million. There are so many American websites and the fact that I am ranked in the US means so much to me! Visit my site: and join my mailing list:



I am honored people are reading so much! All that I have done is to keep providing clear, concise and actionable content for my readers. To be rewarded with worldwide readership is the best thing ever! Increased readership speaks to my ability to reach people as a business blogger. Below are more reasons to work with me:

  • Business – Blog Site Globally Ranked in Another First World Country with High Literacy Rate
  • Business– Operating three blogs and online stores
  • Social media– Klout Score of 66, top 10% of all social media users
  • Social Media –  8 minute 5 second average session duration on Google Analytics 
  • Project management– my PM.Expert , certified Project Management Professional. Certified Scrum Master and ITIL Foundation Professional
  • Change management–, positive change blog
  • Personal branding–  2X Amazon bestselling author, Expand Your Personal Brand,
  • Content Marketing– Medium top 10% blogger  and Medium Member
  • Economics and statistics– Trained Economist with BA in International Economics

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