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Welcome to the Carlarjenkins Newsletter Community. As mentioned in Wednesday’s broadcast, Phenomena LLC highlighted 5 steps to branding consistency. Today’s spotlight is our second course, Personal Branding Strategy. You can visit our school here: . Below are the top 6 things to help you cultivate or enhance your personal brand:

  • Module 1: Your Competitive Advantage is Your Foundation
  • Module 2: Know Your Target Market
  • Module 3: Know How You Want to Position Your Brand
  • Module 4: Develop Your Pitch
  • Module 5: Own Yourself and Your Content
  • Module 6: Develop a Comprehensive Brand Marketing Strategy

Here is the course link: We are very happy at showing you the behind the scenes with our brand and product development. We will fully launch next week, the first full week in June. Keep your eyes peeled for more Teachable community updates. Thank you.


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