Carla’s Correspondence: Issue 25 : I Love You 25 Times Over!

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Hey everyone! Can you believe it? We have reached the 25th issue of my newsletter! First, check out the new name (Carla’s Correspondence!). I want to do a little rebrand since my readership has grown since the inaugural issue. This issue will be a retrospective. I will be going back to go forward. I am taking you, personalization, on a journey over the first 25 issues.



Becoming an Unknown Social Media Influencer

I love social media because I love to communicate and interact with people. It is where I learn more information and ideas which I can incorporate my life and business. Throughout these issues, you have learned the Twitter is my favorite because I can get all of my news in one spot. Also, you’ve learned that I have a soft spot for Pinterest because I love photography. What I have learned over these issues is how Pinterest has contributed to my business and social media growth. Along the way, I have started pinning my podcast episodes onto the boards. In the past month, I have seen how fast my project management board is growing. I am receiving nearly 50 followers per week just based on my PM.Expert and project management boards. During this one month period, I have had My Journey to 100 LinkedIn Articles and Pinterest and Project Management? Why Yes! articles go viral. When I write these, all I want to do is educate people about the process. Little do I know that others enjoy my writing too especially on LinkedIn. This past month, LinkedIn has contributed to my blog’s growth. All of this growth has made me pay attention. This is not always the case.

When I originally started blogging and this newsletter, I just wanted to get my message out. Little did I know that people were watching me. Last winter, Sn.ips social media invited me to join its network. That totally be blew me away. Then I received a project management contract opportunity through Periscope. The offers just kept rolling in. Here were the things that I learned about leveraging social media throughout these 25 issues:

(Actionable) Content is king

There is no way around it. You need to have actionable content that educates people. I have always provided 3-5 steps towards achieving anything in my articles. This is why they are going viral. Furthermore, when you have great content, people view you as an authority.

Practice, practice, practice!

I am an early adopter of Periscope (since July 2015); and, I cannot tell you how many people babble incoherently on livestream. That is such a very bad look because you are a brand, whether you like it or not. You have to come across as professional. This isn’t only for speech but presentation. I always look clean and wear professional colors because you want to be taken serious. Also you might want to repurpose some of your livestream content.

Be Consistent

This newsletter comes out once a week. The sales emails come out on Friday. Like clockwork and without fail. Your social media content should be the same. It is important to have an editorial calendar so that people know when to expect you.

Always Invest in Yourself and Building Your Email List

I have always preached self-investment and continuous improvement; and, I have had to implement these teachings this year when LinkedIn Profinder wanted me to pay $59.99/month to use the service. Immediately, I had to go into rebranding mode shooting new videos to plug myself. I am happy that I have started my email list way before this announcement because I can get my message across. Moreover, I am grateful to have a professional website and email to solicit business. What I have learned is to all create your own branded content. Push YOU first then another platform!

Offer Time : Because I Love All of You (I Truly Do!)          

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