Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 27 : The First 60 Days

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Hey everyone!

I have decided to send this week’s newsletter today, March 1st instead of the usual Monday because today is the 60th day of 2017. Two months are officially in the books. I hope that everyone is doing well these first two months. There has been a whole lot of (positive and negative) transition. As always, I am keeping you abreast of Phenomena Corporation.



The First 60 Days


I am very happy to have completed the business jumpstart mastermind. Enrolling has helped me improve my email writing, learn more about my business costs and keep track of my time. It has also given me a 7-figure mentor whom I can expand my professional circle. I have mentioned in previous emails how I’ve felt like my life and business plateaued because everyone was on the same level. Now I see lots of positive growth and progress. My next 60 days will be great for certain.

I have mentioned that earning my ITIL certification is one of my 2017 New Year’s resolutions because it would increase my competitive advantage. Well, I have found a training program that would pay for the ITIL training and certification exam. I am very happy that I will have accomplished this resolution before May! That’s a lot of hard work paying off.

I have been decluttering through eBay. I have received a lot of sales. Even though this is a side job, my eBay store has prepared me to operate my Selz store, learn customer service and digital sales. Remember, your volunteer work or things that you do away from your job can give you the transferrable skills to improve your on the job performance.

Phenomena Corporation

I have decided against paying the $59.99 Business Plus monthly membership to submit LinkedIn Profinder proposals. I have created my own video series which has gained traction. Speaking of video, I have increased my livestreaming frequency which has helped me personal and professional business. I have actively participated as a PeriGirl on Periscope 3 times a week. I have also broadcast twice on Facebook Live. When I share my broadcast across other social media channels, I receive more views.

I have also opened up my Selz store. The sales have been slower than expected. What I have decided to do is rebuild my brand by focusing only on project management. Since January, I have noticed a sharp increase in people wanting project management. My Pinterest project management boards have received the most followers. Also my PM.Expert project management blog subscriber list has grown fastest. Project management is where I will put all of my energy in for the next 60 days.

The Next 60 Days


My top personal goals are to receive my ITIL certification, put it to work, write more and keep running my eBay store. I admit that I like the extra income, learning more about customer service and writing eBay Adventures (which will return this March). I will receive my ITIL certification in April and will have a rollout plan incorporating Phenomena before May.

Phenomena Corporation

Phenomena’s primary goals are: 1) make Selz store profitable by meeting monthly income goals and 2) shift my social media strategy.

I am shifting my social media strategy focusing on these three things: 1) Pinterest; 2) livestreaming and 3) increasing my Facebook ad conversions. Pinterest will overtake Twitter in less than 2 months. I am currently at 1412 Pinterest versus 1520 Twitter. Pinterest’s rapid growth is due to my project management boards. With the new project management tip video series, I know that more people will gravitate towards these boards. Furthermore, when I hit 1500 Pinterest followers, I will do a giveaway.

Regarding livestreaming, I will increase my Facebook and Instagram livestreaming. Facebook Live broadcasts are easier to convert to YouTube. You can a MP4 file and can shoot horizontal. I have received a lot of positive responses regarding my broadcasts so I will increase their frequencies. It’s harder to gain traction on Instagram Live because there is no replay function. I will broadcast at least once a week because I want to spread my message to people.

Finally, increasing my Facebook ad conversions are a must. I am running a business and need profitability. I will do at least one Facebook ad promotion monthly and will take a Facebook ad training to improve my conversion.

There is it! The first 60-day recap. I look forward to a better, more productive and prosperous 60 days and 2017!

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