Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 29: Being Open to Improvement

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I am back with an all-new issue of this week’s newsletter. First, I am extremely grateful for all of my new subscribers to this newsletter. I appreciate that you are interested in me and my business. This newsletter focuses on business and personal continuous improvement. I provide articles, information and professional insight on topics.

I am very happy and scared that I have landed my first assignment. Happy because after nearly one year, I have landed something. Scared because it was only a three-day assignment and I know that I need more. However, I am happy to stay in touch with the client. Moreover, I have (re) learned the importance of picking up the phone. For the past 1 ½ years, I have focused so much on the Internet. I have realized how much easier and impactful it is to call companies. People respond faster and take my resume and proposals quicker. Doing all of this last week magnifies the importance of the human connection. I will keep calling recruiters and clients to expand my business opportunities.


As I’ve mentioned before that this newsletter that my foci are on business and personal continuous improvement. Here while listening to Constance Arnold’s Think, Believe and Manifest podcast. Her interview with Dr. Joel Vitale introduces me to Ho’ oponopono, a Hawaiian energy release. Practicing Ho’ oponopono has released a lot of bad juju from me like my fear of not securing another opportunity. Here is more information on Ho’ oponopono.

If you are sensing a theme in this issue, then you right. This issue is all of channeling positive energy and ridding yourself of negative energy. This positive energy carries over into my spring cleaning challenge. As you’ve noticed, I have informed my subscribers about the March 20th spring challenge.

I am not above spring cleaning in my own life. Last week my beautician called me saying that she just wanted to speak to me and catch up. That turned into an ambush makeover. Yes, I got my hair done but I too am clearing out what has not been serving me for the past two months. I am spring cleaning too!


Finally, by the end of this week, Phenomena should have 1500 Pinterest followers. From previous issues, you know that I love Pinterest! After a few slow weeks, traffic and subscriptions have picked up. Hitting this milestone is different from the others because Pinterest is on the cusp of surpassing Twitter for Phenomena’s most followers. Phenomena’s social media marketing plan will shift to capitalize upon Pinterest becoming number 1. The company is also looking towards entering affiliate marketing. We are in the process of selecting brands that the company likes and uses to diversify its income streams.

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