[Carla’s Correspondence] Issue 31 : Crossing the Finish Line

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Hey everyone!

This year is flying by very fast. It is the final week of the first quarter. Time is flying for me. I have tried and accomplished a whole lot of things this week

First Quarterly Review

Landing a Contract without LinkedIn Profinder

This year I have been promoting Phenomena by myself and not through LinkedIn Profinder and I have landed my first business conference contract. That’s validation that I do not have to ‘pay to play’ in order to secure work. Moreover, I have been working the phones receiving stellar results. I am getting recruiters, employers and teaming agreements through calling. I will continue calling people and previous contacts in order to secure more work and expand my network.

Watch my video The Importance of Picking Up the Phone


The Importance of Video

I have actively used video to promote my brand. I have regularly broadcast on Periscope and Facebook Live (on all three pages). I have used Periscope for both my eBay and Phenomena Corporation. Livestream has been very big for my eBay. It is not a coincidence that when I livestream and plug it into HootSuite that I receive sales the next day. In addition, I have streamed on all of my Facebook Live pages at least weekly to update my followers. Livestream is a very big for me and I am glad to have started doing this in August 2015 because it’s vital to come across professional on video.

I have not confined myself solely to livestream. I have also built my YouTube page through my project management video presence. I have posted my daily tip videos on Instagram. I have converted these stand alone videos onto YouTube. These project management tip videos have given me an unseen benefit: sending potential employers my playlist so that they can see me showcase my expertise. My original intent were building my Instagram account and showcasing my talent. Here I am sending employers my sizzle reel! Right now it is essential that I morph into my own multimedia company in order to promote myself. I have shot my more about me video series to promote myself on social media. Here is one.


Watchlist: Pre-Order the Earned Value Management Course Series

I have very good news to report: my Spring Clean Your Project challenge has had a positive outcome. I have decided to convert this challenge into an earned value management course series. This course series will include all of the earned value management calculations plus additional worksheets, slides and resources. I have always been very big on creating value added products to help people with project management. All of these videos are less than 20 minutes so you can watch them in between your lunch breaks or after you put the kids to bed. Stay tuned for more pre-order information.

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