Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 33 : The Importance of Educating Your Audience

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Hey everyone! I am back for another issue. This week has been one of epiphanies, some of which I truly didn’t want. I wanted the second quarter to be better than the first so I started asking questions about the marketplace’s direction and finding a sales coach. Well, I learned from a recruiter that I should focus on one of my certifications more than the other. I was just happy that I had it and wasn’t starting over from scratch.

In another case, I was sorely disappointed that my training paperwork was held up. I started this process in February and completed it in early March. However, my training paperwork was in limbo since March 21st. The thing that got me was the person across the desk nonchalantly thought this was good because my application did not get denied. Ummm…..

Finally, I learned at how much dire need I was of a sales coach. Another sales coach told me that I horrible at it via Messenger (well, duh!), but I pulled myself together and started educating my audience about how they can apply earned value management in their lives. I did a Facebook Live discussing Girl Scout cookies and project management! Watch it here

What I have learned since last week is the importance of educating your audience. Be it a recruiter, training officer or sales coach, you have to educate and inform people. Remember, you are a content marketer for yourself. You are marketing your resume as a professional or your brand’s testimonials if you are a company. Here are some ways to educate your audience by developing a content marketing strategy:

Convince & Convert : 5 Brands Successfully Using Education to Engage

Ask Your Target Market (AYTM): Part 4: Brand Education

Business Insider Teach Customers Why They Need a Product Before Trying to Sell It to Them

The Results

Regarding the recruiter, I pivoted and started creating project management tip videos for the certification commanding the most marketplace attention. With the training officer, I decided to start budgeting the money to be able to afford. I refused to let bureaucracy get in the way! Finally, I thanked the sales coach for his feedback, purchased another sales coach and started her challenge. Switching my focus from sales to education helped me build a connection with my audience. 

I had people commenting on my YouTube video which was a first. I didn’t say buy my course but how you can apply the knowledge to sell Girl Scout cookies. See, this applied knowledge would encourage someone to buy my Earned Value Management course for $197 (pre-order this week only!). I loved communicating and sharing information so teaching was totally doable. The good part was at least I had the answers.

Until next week

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