Carla’s Correspondence Issue 34 : Saving Yourself from a Taxing Situation

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Tax time has saved my tail this week. You’ve read this right! Tax time has saved me because it will give me a capital infusion to make my business cash flow positive. I admit that I am amazed that tax time is my saving grace (It always is when you don’t owe either the state or the federal governments). I am buoyed by this newfound good news because this entire second quarter I have been letting you know that I intend on being cash flow positive. Now I am in a position to realize this personally and professionally.

Also this is the first time that I have gone to a tax preparer to have my taxes done. I will start doing this because they’re more knowledgeable than I am about this area. I will use an accountant or tax preparer again next year because it is just more efficient to focus on my area of expertise.

Now I do wish to impart a nugget of wisdom to you: save your tax documents to the cloud. I have made it a practice to save my documents to Google Drive. Having them stored on the cloud, has saved me time. I would have been sent back home to retrieve these documents if I don’t have them available to me. Therefore, I recommend that you scan and save this year’s tax documents to the cloud for easy retrieval. Don’t take my word for it. PC Magazine has rated Google Drive as one of the best cloud storage products. Read the article for more options! 


Earned Value Management Explained Video Series

Last week I started broadcasting my Facebook Live video series where I provide an example of how to use earned value management in your personal life. This series is to dispel the lie that project management is only for corporate America. I’ve had fun filming this series because there’s an opportunity to educate and help people learn. I covered selling Girl Scout cookies, lawn care, home office costs, coworking spaces and becoming a profitable Lyft driver. I have also converted these videos into YouTube and made a playlist.  If you’ve missed any of these videos, you can watch them here.

Gear up for this week because I am offering more examples as how to apply earned value management in your life. To watch more, subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Finally, earned value management explained is back to its original price of $297. It still offers great ways to learn the meaning behind the budget and cost reports numbers plus how to use earned value management in your personal and professional lives. Buy it here:

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