[Carla’s Correspondence] Issue 36 : May You Have New Beginnings

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Happy May Day everyone! 2017 is blowing by very fast. We are in spring and on the verge of summer. Memorial Day is this month! May is also the month of college graduations and new beginnings for those graduates. You, too, can have new beginnings even if you are not a graduate. I admit that I’ve pressed the reset button last month by enrolling the in 28-day sales challenge. I have sold in some way, shape or form every workday except for Easter weekend. I have improved my delivery, worked on my sales language and kept up filming the Earned Value Management Explained video series. I’ll continue filming this series well into May because I have learned a lot of small business operations. Moreover, I have been receiving positive feedback across social media for this series.

I have expanded the Earned Value Management Explained franchise to include podcasting. Now every single video episode is on Soundcloud with its own playlist. The response is immediate: Listeners who don’t even follow me on Soundcloud, like several audios because they identify with my message. Earned value management can be used as a great business decision-making tool. You can listen to the Earned Value Management Explained podcast playlist here: https://soundcloud.com/carlarjenkins/sets/earned-value-management

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