Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 39 : Every Day Is An Adventure

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Hey everyone!

I have been doing this dual livestream for a while and it has been an adventure. I have been broadcasting my Project Management Monday Blogtalkradio show and streaming it on YouTube for the past two Mondays. It has been a learning experience because I have never done anything like this. I admit that at first I was nervous because being ambidextrous is NOT my strong suit; but, I have managed to pull it off. And the best part is that people are actually watching my livestreams. Whenever you try something new, you will have doubts. You will probably be bad at it in the beginning but when you keep doing it, you will get better!

In this week’s newsletter, I have some resources on how to make mistakes and not kick yourself for being a beginner:

From the ExecuNet YouTube channel : Be Bad First video Look, we are all going to suck in the beginning. Hey, it happens to the best of us. This ExecuNet webinar helps you overcome sucking in the beginning in order to become the best you can be.

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