Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 40 : Summer of Sacrifice

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Hey everyone!

Happy Memorial Day. I hope that you are resting with your loved ones. I am doing the same. However, I am dedicating myself towards pushing myself and business to the next level. I know that a lot of people are taking vacations and time off. Well, I am not going to do that this year; and, my birthday is in August! I have decided to sacrifice time and comfort in order to get to my next level. This is not a new phenomenon with me. I have done this before when I knew that receiving my certification or anything for that matter would get me to the next level. Right now I have just opened the Marketplace and am showing no signs of slowing down. I have celebrated my first year of being in business and will devote this time to taking it up a notch.

Here are the things that I am focusing on this summer:

Increasing Store Sales

This is big for me. I have been working with a sales mentor on selling everyday and improving my language. I know that improving my language (speaking in less technical terms) is the reason why my Increasing Your Career Savviness article went viral. I do see myself shooting more videos and posting them on Instagram and Twitter because my audience positively responds to them. Moreover, I will do more YouTube Livestream. Currently I am doing weekly Project Management Mondays livestream shows and see myself doing even more because they are fun, on the spot and enable me to instantly interact with my audience. My goal is to generate $10,000/month from all three of my stores.

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