Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 41: Renovating to Increase Visibility

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Happy June everyone!

I am BACK with an all-new issue! This month I am focusing on visibility. Since this is the first month of summer and people have more leisure time, this means that they’ll be paying attention to things that are out of the normal. Even though the Internet and news may be saturated, you can still breakthrough. In this issue, I am going to show you how to increase your visibility and how I have broken through.


Last Sunday I read a book that led to me overhauling my website. That book was entitled, She Means Business, written by Carrie Green. She was the founder of the Female Entrepreneurs Association. I debated over whether or not to purchase because her book was hyped up so much. There had been a whole lot of women Internet influencers publishing books as of late so I was initially cautious about giving Carrie my money (even if it is ONLY 99 cents on Kindle!). Below is my book review:

She Means Business – OMG! This book has been a turnaround for me. I have bought this on Amazon for $0.99! This book has made me change how I viewed my website. Immediately I wrote my mission and value statements. I added them under my about me tab. I have embedded my Acuity scheduling onto my contact page, added the book me page. I also added my scheduling onto my two blogs. I have made it easier to book an appointment with me.

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