Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 47 : What’s Your Goal?

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This week’s topic comes from four things that have happened to me. These three things are: receiving a Skype interview from dropping one of my LinkedIn articles into a specific group; watching a YouTube video and realizing that I have been coding for over 20 years; reading a response that ‘content creates opportunities’ from the leader of a Facebook group; and watching a YouTube collaboration video where the guest asks the audience ‘what’s your YouTube goal when you upload a video?’. This particular question sticks with me because I am very big on goals, measurement and process improvement. I have committed this entire month towards creating, promoting and measuring my ITIL content. We are also in July, the first month of the third quarter and the second half. Asking about your end goal is very appropriate! I know that this is a doozy for me.

I am going to answer the question. My end goal has been someone purchasing a product or service from me. I have accomplished this with my eBay, About Me, EVM Explained and LinkedIn Profinder video series. I have started doing weekly eBay YouTube Live broadcasts and seen sales increase. I have done this on Periscope too but adding a second livestreaming channel has been big for my business. The About Me video series highlighting my expertise and certifications have resulted in interviews. A recruiter has literally emailed me saying that she likes my website and videos. The Earned Value Management (EVM) Explained videos has gotten me an email from a reputable startup site inquiring about republishing my content on its blog. FInally, the LinkedIn Profinder videos have gotten me over a dozen proposal requests. These YouTube video series have achieved my end goal of someone contacting me for a product or a service.

I have experienced this with my Make It Better webinar series. I have received a response from someone on Facebook regarding last Thursday’s webinar. My goal has been to create killer content (because I LOVE to communicate) that would get someone to contact me. I admit that oftentimes it is from the most unexpected places. However, I am committed towards helping as many people as possible realize their goals. They can come back to me via an email or social media but that’s the goal. This week’s webinar’s Nothing to It but to do it where I help you implement the plan, prioritize and organize your third-quarter and second-half goals. Join me this Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 8pm EST for FREE here:

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