Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 49 : Give People A Reason to Watch!

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I hope that everyone’s July has been productive! I also wish that you are having a fun and enjoyable summer. I know that many people are taking vacations as is typical this summer. After working two seasons, it is only right that you take a break. Even though you are away from work, someone (or something, in my case) is always watching. Let me explain.

This month I have focused on promoting my LinkedIn page and writing my Morning Magnet series. My Morning Magnet series come about because Google Analytics says that people read my blog from 5am – 8am every morning. I have to do something to thank them for starting their day with me. Thus far, I have been written 10 Morning Magnet articles. Little do I know that writing this series would skyrocket my blog up the Alexa rankings.

Alexa Internet ranks websites. Earlier this month I reported that my site moved up 10 million spots to the 7 million rank. Well, this week in the same month, my site has soared from 7 million to 6 million. It’s nearly at 5.9 million (My site rank is 6,014,000.). I am giddy with excitement because unbeknownst to me, I am moving up because I am catering to my reader. What’s even better is that I didn’t start out my Friday even with going to this site.

I opened up one of my email subscriptions. The author was talking about competition and if I performed routine competitive analysis. I was thinking about PM.Expert, my project management blog, because I did keep up with the competition over there. I checked for my site rankings. Then on a whim, I went and checked and was blown away! Here I thought that because Google Analytics reported a decrease in my average session duration (the time a visitor was on your site), that my Alexa ranking would decrease too. Wrong! I was extremely happy to move up over 1 million spots because I am offering actionable, high-quality content.

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