Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 52 : Shooting for The Stratosphere

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I have some great news: is now at 5.3 million on Alexa! My site ranking has shot up over 700,000 spots from 6.014 million. I am thankful that my site has moved up over 2 million spots in less than 45 days. When I started in early July, I was at 7+ million. I have achieved this meteoric rise due to reading my Google Analytics and listening to my audience.

As you know, I truly love to communicate, share and exchange ideas to learn something new every single day. My site is built upon communicating, sharing and exchanging new ideas to my readers. These three principles are why I have done Facebook Watch videos educating people about new business livestream opportunities.

My ultimate goal is to end this year having under 1 million. This is achievable because I know that I will get into the 4 million by August 31st. Be of service and write no fluff – has been my business writing mantra.

How to Set Your Facebook Live on Fire! If you are going to be on Facebook Live, you might as well do it right! My video walks you through different ways to use Facebook Live to promote yourself and your brand.

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