Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 53 : What’s New on Facebook!

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This month of August has been blowing by. I have had my birthday and created a wealth of content specifically notifying my audience about the upcoming Facebook Watch changes. I am an early adopter who loves keeping my readers informed about the latest tech changes. What I have not done, however, is keep you updated about my own Facebook page. Well, here we go good people!

My business Facebook page is the one-stop shop for all things Carla Jenkins and Phenomena Corporation! There are blog features, podcast episodes, weekly livestream videos and daily business articles. I have two new additions to my Facebook that you will enjoy!

Now You Can Shop My Online Store Directly in the App!

I have added the Facebook Shop tag enabling you to shop right in Facebook! You don’t even have to leave the site. It is one-stop shopping here. I carry the best branding, business and project management products to help you increase your profits and productivity while reducing your costs. There are 2 ways that you can shop in the Facebook app:

Here are one of the top selections:

The Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand! If you are looking to get your personal brand popping but are frustrated which how much it would cost to revamp it, stop looking and start reading! My book has 20 top business lessons to improve your personal branding success. These lessons come from over 10 years’ experience. Expand Your Personal Brand shaves off the learning curve. I have written this book and done the heavy lifting so that you won’t have to. Buy it here:

Now You Can Book Me on Facebook!

                My calendar is now synched with Facebook so you can book an appointment. This tab feature once again makes it easier for you to get ahold of me directly in the app! Here are the two ways to book an appointment with me on Facebook:

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