Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 58: Turning Over a New Leaf

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Happy October everyone! It is officially autumn where I am at and the weather is changing. After a super hot summer and Indian summer with temperatures at 90 degrees as of last week, fall has finally arrived. I am super giddy that this is the fourth quarter too because I have ended the third quarter on a high note.

My social media numbers have been popping! I have received 800 LinkedIn followers (823 followers as of Sunday). Direct video uploads are the sole reason for the increase. I have written two articles detailing my 3 reasons why organic LinkedIn videos are big for engagement and my 5 ways how to use direct video uploads for your LinkedIn strategy. Check out my social proof below.

Pinterest has been performing too! I am currently at 1902 followers. Pinterest has my biggest social media audience. I love photography so Pinterest is right up my alley. Moreover, my project management board having 1002 followers proves that Pinterest isn’t only for mommy and food bloggers. If you are in business, you can excel on Pinterest too.

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