Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 64 : Focusing on the Now

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In this issue:

  • Sign Up for the Black Friday List
  • com Alexa Australia Site Ranking Moves Up 12,000 Spots
  • Receiving 975 LinkedIn Followers

Upcoming Events

  • DC Hiram Night Out – 11/14 8pm EST
  • Pre-Black Friday List Facebook Event – 11/17 8pm EST
  • Christmas with Carla Facebook Event – 11/24 8 pm EST

Sign Up for the Black Friday List Today!

I have been receiving a lot of positive blog and email comments receiving my partial Black Friday List revealed (you can see it here). There is more to come! My Black Friday List has received all of the good information (products and discounts) before everyone.

There is still time to sign up! Alexa Australia Site Ranking Moves Up 12,000 Spots!

I am getting all kind of love from Down Under because my Alexa (Internet site ranking score) has moved up 12,000 spots. I am grateful that Australians are reading and resonating with my material. I have always stuck to writing clear, concise and actionable content. I intend to do the same right now and in the future.

I do see myself pitching more international brands. Australia is right up my alley since during the original FlipBizChat, I have received a giveaway present from a New Zealand company.

Receiving 975 LinkedIn Followers

Sunday I was surprised to hit 975 LinkedIn followers on the nose. I loved all of my followers and happy that I am attracting great people whom I can connect. Since receiving my ITIL certification, I have focused on LinkedIn. I cannot wait to write more business-related content. When I do cross the line to 1000 followers, my list will be the first to know.

Follow me here:

Upcoming Events

DC Hiram Night Out – 11/14

My undergraduate alumni event is back in DC. I love attending these events. I have managed (out of nowhere) to score a free invite. It is totally unexpected just like when I received my free 40th birthday lunch earlier this year from Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons DC. Once again, it emphasizes the importance of being genuine.

This Friday at 8pm EST, I am hosting the free Pre-Black Friday List Facebook Event

This Friday I am hosting the free Pre-Black Friday List Facebook to do a showcase unveiling even more products and services. You think that last week’s unveil was something, wait until this Friday. Join me here:

Black Friday, November 24th at 8pm EST, celebrate Christmas with Carla

Join me Black Friday at 8pm EST for a celebration. It will be the most wonderful time of the year! Be merry this Black Friday here:

If you haven’t already, like my Facebook page 


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