Certified Scrum Product Owner Day 1

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Tonight I am taking my first of three day Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course. I am taking this through Izenbridge which is in India. Indian Standard Time  (IST) is 9.5 hours ahead of Eastern Time so I am taking it at night.

I am grateful for Eventbrite and Izenbridge because I am getting this CSPO course over $100 cheaper than the US course. I have used Izenbridge’s resources when the PMI Professional Business Analyst (PMI PBA) just came out. This is why I am comfortable with enrolling for my CSPO.


Day 1

We are using Zoom and Mural. I never used Mural Kanban board before. At first I was a flying lobster but then I got kicked out so I refreshed and became a visiting shrimp. Hey, whatever works. I managed to put my information on the welcome board so that was my first accomplishment.

Next we did a round robin of participants. I told them that I already had my Certified Scrum Master (CSM) license and just recently received my SAFe Scrum Master. I learned that the product owner was in both scaled agile and traditional scrum.

We are only 30 minutes into the class and already I need more sleep. Therefore, tomorrow right after I walk Bubba I will nap in between 6pm to 8pm. That way I will feel refreshed.

Okay somebody tried to get pushy in the breakout session but I was the one with the CSM and not them so please have some respect for the Scrum Alliance knowledge. My Internet was going in and out too (my laptop ain’t been the same since taking it to the shop. I emailed Google One customer support about Chrome always crazing and missing handshakes but I digressed.). The instructor moved me to another breakout room which has people who are more cooperative. I have managed to participate even with technical difficulties.

What I will say is that once we reach personas, immediately I start writing down the three different personas of website readers. Today I’ve received two positive LinkedIn comments in my inbox about my content. These two men are at the different places in their careers. One is a senior security associate who is reading my content to stay abreast of current events. The second one is an aspiring cloud engineer. He reads me to learn more about how I’ve passed my cloud certifications and the resources that I’ve used.

Welp, it is 1am EDT and my first day is done. Only 2 more days to go! Check back here for even more CSPO Adventures (whether I am a visiting shrimp, koala or lobster one will never know!).

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