Certified Scrum Product Owner Day 3

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Today is the last day of the CSPO training and how do we start off our final lesson together? By someone hollering about how she cannot do scrum in Kanban? Girl, are you serious?! Kanban and scrum are two different agile project management methodologies. Take that mess someplace else. We are all trying to get done and get our certificates!

The instructor has gotten everyone back on board and she has gone through calculating story points. I will say that all of my scrum and SAFe Scrum Master previous experience helped me a whole lot here. Then she puts us back in the breakroom where I am a visiting lobster again but then there is a computer glitch. The instructor kicks me back into the breakroom and I finish the assignment.


Confession – during the break I peruse through my Scrum Alliance backend to see if my Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is there. Sadly, it isn’t yet so I will ask the instructor about the process since this is the final day.

Also she is getting into scaled agile (SAFe). It makes me proud that I have been proactive with my interview feedback and gotten certified in May because now I am not lost. I fully understand scaled agile framework.

And finally on day 3, I have to share my screen during the breakout session. At least my computer is cooperating. I cannot wait until we’re finished so that I can receive my certification!


Yippee! I am very happy that I am now a Certified Scrum Product Owner! This is huge because this is my first class I have to take at night because it was in India. This is all about tenacity and grit. In addition, all of my previous Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and SAFe Scrum Master certifications have prepared me for this.



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