HER Chronicles 2 Pre-Orders Are Now Available!

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Hello Community!

I along with 10 other amazing women, are sharing our stories of Survival, Sacrifice and Spiritual Awakening in the collaborative book project entitled, “Her Chronicles, Vol 2.”

This riveting collection of tales chronicles some of the most pivotal situations and decisions that women face in modern times. These stories of survival, success, sadness, and celebration will dig deep into the twisted roots of womanhood then abruptly return you to the humbling depths of sisterhood.

I look forward to you reading my chapter ‘Fighter : We Aren’t Born, We’re Made’, and sharing your feedback.

Pre-order your full copy now at http://herchroniclesbook.com/ , and celebrate the official release with us on November 11th!

Carla R. Jenkins
Carla R Jenkins, the CEO of Phenomena Corporation, is a stellar expert specializing in business, branding, project management and positive change management. Carla R Jenkins is a business visionary and trailblazer who coaches and leads organizations and individuals in meeting their business, economics, branding and project management needs. Furthermore, in 10 years’ work experience, Ms. Jenkins has received 4 promotions in 10 years. She is also the chief blogger for PositivityChange.com, a positive change management blog, and PM.Expert a project management blog.



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