CISSP Accepted My SC-100 Approved Credential Waiver Request

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Great news! I have emailed ISC2 and the programs office has accepted my SC-100 Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert certification for 1 year of work experience. This is part of the CISSP 5-year work experience endorsement factor. In addition, to passing the CISSP, an applicant would need 5 years’ full-time work experience. If the applicant passes the CISSP but does not have it then the ISC2 will give the applicant an Associate ISC2 allowing them 6 years to meet the 5 years’ work requirement.

Initially Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect was not on the list. However, I emailed ISC2 to petition for its inclusion since Microsoft Certified Enterprise Administrator was on its approved list. In addition, both Microsoft expert exams have MS-500 and SC-300 as prerequisite exams. Furthermore, the Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert 1) has the word cybersecurity in its title and 2) is a security architect position which is one of the primary audiences for its CISSP.


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