CISSP Exam Prep Session One Recap

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Last night I sat for my first CISSP exam prep session. This was the course I paid that DreamTECH scholarship for and I admitted that at the tail end I fell asleep because it was introductory CompTIA security+ (Confidentiality + Integrity + Availability Triad). I was like ‘Yeah I was passing this exam!’.

But before that we spent the first 90 minutes introducing ourselves and giving our backgrounds. The instructor also mentioned that I was one of this only students who had an extensive cloud background and that this background would help me on the CISSP. That was great to hear because my goal was to pass it the first time.



What’s Next?

I ordered the book the instructor recommended. It should arrive today. Then I would also highlight my CISSP All-In-One book chapters’ 1-3. Yes, that book was over 1400 pages but I was dedicated towards passing this exam the first time so I would highlight all of the pages. Finally, since Udemy had a sale, I would buy all of Thor Teaches CISSP hard questions practice sets. I wanted the hard sets because I truly wanted to test myself. I knew that passing the hardest questions would make my life easier.


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