CISSP Fifth Exam Prep Session

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Last night I had my fifth CISSP exam prep session. As I documented on my YouTube channel starting last week I supplemented this training with Certification Station CISSP exam prep sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I did the same this past Tuesday night.


I was glad that I did because last night I did not really learn anything. I highlight all four domain 5 (identity and access management) chapters. The instructor covered only the first chapter. That was a waste of my three hours. As a senior cloud professional, I knew IAM (identity and access management).

So later tonight I will be back to Certification Station CISSP session where we’re reviewing chapter 8 (cryptography). I am just happy that I am plugged in with other CISSP resources that I can rely upon. As of right now, I feel like I should have just used my $1500 DreamTech scholarship money towards the CISSP fee and self-studied through YouTube and Certification Station.

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