CISSP Ninth Exam Prep Session Recap

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Welcome back everyone! This week the instructor covered the OSI model. This brought back memories because 4 years ago while I was in my first security+ training, I was learning this. Even though the instructor derailed that the OSI and networking were going the way of the dodo due to cloud computing and industry changes, I knew that was not true.


Look last summer I received my AZ-700 Azure cloud networking certification. And right now I am studying to pass my AZ-720 Azure Support Engineer beta exam. Even though a lot of physical networking will be virtual, networking and OSI will still be here.

If you’ve been following me then you know that I am also enrolled in another CISSP exam prep training course. Peter Zeger is teaching CISSP exam prep. He has am 8-hour FREE CISSP exam prep YouTube video. I am seriously thinking about watching this and coming up with the $749 to sit for this CISSP exam before the June 1, 2022 change.

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