Completed the Google Cloud Official Cloud Digital Leader Learning Path

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As you know that I am enrolled in the Google Cloud Jumpstart Program to pass my Associate Cloud Engineer certification. I have also mentioned my desire to sit for the Cloud Digital Leader fundamentals exam to learn the exam structure and Kyterion interface. Google Cloud Platform has a free learning path containing four modules to learn more about the GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification.

I am happy to have finished all four. This path has helped me better understand Google’s offerings. As a multi-cloud (learning more than one cloud computing service), I rely on my AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud knowledge. I am doing process of elimination. For instance, I am doing ‘well, this is not an AWS services so that must be the GCP service. However, with this Cloud Digital Leader learning path, I am starting to learn the GCP services and what they do.


What’s Next?

Continue writing down the GCP service definitions daily, start my GCP Associate Cloud Engineer learning path to meet the Jumpstart program needs and pass my GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification.

You can also check out my GCP Cloud Boost profile to see all of my completed modules.


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