Correspondence: Issue 24 : Loving the Process!

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Hey community! I hope that you are doing well and that your February is better than your January! This issue will be all about loving the process. Yes, I know that Valentine’s Day is next week by why confine love to one day (or week)? Here I am discussing about loving the process (in spite of) growing pains and transition.

I firmly admit that 2017 is very different than 2016. Some of my contracts have not come through although I have been deep in the process.

Enough of the bad stuff. Here is a more upbeat one, is having a partnership. Someone who is also a project manager has reached to me via Periscope interested in a collaboration. Originally, it was only for project management training. It has morphed into leading project management contracts. I am happy that be in a situation where I have the systems to accommodate extra work.

Furthermore, my Pinterest is exploding giving me new opportunities! My project management board is adding new followers daily. PM.Expert, my project management blog, has received a spike in readership courtesy of my Pinterest-related article, Pinterest and Project Management. I have republished it on LinkedIn sharing it with groups. Immediately I have received so much positive feedback from my peers. They have never considered Pinterest and project management. This article has officially gone viral! I have received more followers and developed relationships with other project managers who will write social media articles too. Whether you are in corporate or business for yourself, there will be growing pains. Life is not stagnant so we must prepare for it.


I know that my list subscribers are a mix of corporate and entrepreneurs so I have resources for both! With corporate, I have found a Levo article discussing the growing pains associated with advancing to the next level. What happens when you are no longer the rookie? Read here.


Entrepreneurship takes many different forms. There are four main types of business entities. There are the LLC, LLP, S Corporation and C Corporation. Most people only see the sole proprietor or one-man LLC; but, I want to expose you to the other business entities because entrepreneurship is more complex! Phenomena Corporation is a S Corporation because the company’s ultimate goal is to be a C Corporation and trade on a stock exchange. Being a S Corporation helps us prepare for the transition. To help my aspiring or actual entrepreneurial readers, here is an article from Forbes detailing how to deal you’re your company’s growing pains.

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