How to create the perfect lead magnet

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People say that there is money in the list. When they mention ‘the list’ they are referencing email or text message lists. In order to get people on your list you need a lead magnet. What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is some type of valuable content (photo, audio, video, checklist, etc) that lures that reader into giving you his information. Lead magnets are essential part of growing your email (or text message) list.

Here are my top three ways to create the perfect lead magnet:

  • Find the best photos – Resolution matters! You can’t steal photos (which is undesirable) or use pixelated photos that have been reused too many times. Social media is all about visuals. Make them count. You can make decent images without much work through Canva!
  • Solve a problem- No more matter how good the photo looks, it still is about content. People click on your content and read what you have to say. If it sucks, they move on. Make functional and actionable content that helps the reader score small wins.
  • Learn the right social media platform for YOU – I know that most ‘experts’ say that you should post everywhere. I would recommend finding the top two places where your audience is. Okay so Snapchat is hot but if your audience isn’t there, don’t be there. I am a business blogger. LinkedIn and Twitter are my biggest media.

These three things will help grow your list and your authority.

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4 Responses

  1. Tisha

    I just started my newsletter so these tips were perfect for me! Great insight- thanks for sharing!?

  2. LeShelle, host of MRTV

    Excellent tips Carla! I didn’t expect anything less coming from you. Pics, Posts and Platforms are what I rely on – great pics, quality posts (not just what is trending), and being on the right platforms (social media real estate).