How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Lead Magnet

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I have hit 2000 Pinterest followers recently and decided to do some work on this platform. Personally, Pinterest is my second love to Twitter in social media. I love photography and how you can pin and read a lot of different articles. What trips most people up is that Pinterest is a search engine not a social media. You search Pinterest for new pins and activity so you must approach it differently than other social media platforms. Which is why I have written this article. Pinterest isn’t very hard to figure out but there are some things that you need to keep in mind to be successful.

Here are my top three ways to create the perfect Pinterest lead magnet:

  • Find the best photos – Resolution matters! You can’t steal photos (which is undesirable) or use pixelated photos that have been reused too many times. Pinterest is all about visuals. Make them count. You can make decent images without much work through Canva!
  • Content is king too- No more matter how good the photo looks, it still is about content. People click on your pins and read what you have to say. If it sucks, they move on. Make functional and actionable content that helps the reader score small wins.
  • Learn the right time to pin for YOU – I know that most ‘experts’ say that you should pins all of your images from Friday night to Sunday because that’s when most people on Pinterest. My biggest board is project management and most of these people work during the day. I pin my project management content during the day from Monday through Friday. That’s how I attract more followers. Discover when your people are on Pinterest and pin at that time.

I have used these three things to obtain over 2000 Pinterest followers.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrea

    I’ve really gotten away from Pinterest since I got married but it is so resourceful and has so much! Thanks for sharing!

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for reading. Pinterest is everything! I truly love it. I hope that these tips help you.