Crossing 250 LinkedIn Pulse Articles

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Crossing 250 LinkedIn Pulse articles and what’s next?

This past week I passed the 250 LinkedIn Pulse article mark. I am happy to reach this milestone because there is a lot of changes happening during this time period. All of these changes give me the experience and wisdom to help my readers. I have always promised my audience that best actionable content.

What’s next? More videos, S.W.O.T., cybersecurity and technical project management. Having worked as a SAS administrator has strengthened me in these cybersecurity and technical project management. I have new career fields and anticipate guiding my audiences with this.

Moreover, this May I am doing a SWOT series. SWOT stands from strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I am a certified project manager and this SWOT series will help so many people get the career strategies that they need to move forward. I go live every Thursday at 7pm EST on Facebook Live showing people how the SWOT can help them become better.

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