Day 2 of Scrum At Scale Exam Prep Training

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Today I have finished day 2 of my scrum at scale practitioner exam prep training. You can read day 1 here.


On day 2 we’ve learned more about executive action team (EAT) and executive metascrum (which I didn’t know even existed until yesterday. The only meta I knew were Meta (formerly Facebook) and metaverse).

The instructor also covered the product owner cycle. Admittedly having more experience as a scrum master than a product owner, cover the product owner cycle is harder; but, I am learning. Reading the Scrum at Scale guide helps me understand the terminology.

We had several breakout sessions covering EAT, delivery and product owner. I was happy that my team (team 2) got most of our inputs and outputs correct without looking at the answers. That meant that the knowledge was sticking.

Finally, the homework that was assigned yesterday will be due tomorrow. The instructor has given each of us a pattern to cover (I think that I may have to whiteboard this. Will report back tomorrow.). I am going to read all of them patterns because the instructor said that the certification exam will cover it. I am all about getting the first time.


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