Day 3 Scrum At Scale Exam Prep Training

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Today is my final CAVU Scrum At Scale exam prep training. We’ve completed our outstanding 2 exercises in metrics and transparency and product release and feedback. I also present on yesterday’s weather – which is the sum of the velocity of the last 3 sprints.



I will say that I have learned more about patterns. Now when I was studying Certified Tech Trainer course, it delved deeper about anti-patterns. Now here in scrum at scale they are talking patterns.

I also left the class early because I was hearing competing audio between that class the release planning video on the Miro Kanban app. So the instructor came back and said that he had to ‘reevaluate’ whether or not he could release the certification exam to me. I responded that I completed and attended days 1 and 2 plus the competing audio (This was a lot since I had been waiting since summer 2021 to attend this class.). He approved me and I got to create my own account.



What I Learned?

Decision latency (even though this was from day 2). I am a big time management person who reducing and/or eliminating decision latency removes impediments and bottlenecks that get in the way of money.

More about product owner and the executive metascrum.

How now the scrum team includes the product owner. As I’ve said, I’ve been a Certified Scrum Master since 2016. Until the 2020 scrum guide, the scrum team were only the scrum master and the developer team. Now that every role was under the scrum team, it took some getting used to.

Day 1 Recap –

Day 2 Recap –

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