Day 375 of 100 Days of Cloud

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Day 375 was Thursday, July 15, 2021. Even though it is 10 days after celebrating my 1 year of 100 days of cloud (you can read about my top 10 lessons learned from 1 year’s of 100 Days of Cloud here!).


This has been a very big transition for me: my original OMJCC employment specialist has transferred out of the Cuyahoga County office to Lake County and I have landed another prominent cloud interview (they called me!).

Right now my certification focus is on AWS SysOps. I am mulling over sitting for the AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta exam because I would have to pay AND I am currently in the AWS Community Builders Program. I want to get the AWS machine learning specialty cert. I do want to be the first participant in my machine learning track to be certified!

I will start looking to learn Git, GitHub and Python. I may check out the Python page for entry-level certification. As I come into Day 400, I am all about deepening my cloud computing knowledge and improving my cloud programming skills.

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