Day 400 Of 100 Days Of Cloud

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Hey there everybody! I have crossed the Day 400 threshold! This article is coming one day late because yesterday was my birthday! I thought it was cool when it happened because when I started out on July 5, 2020, it never occurred to me that 400 days later is another birthday!

I have split this milestone article in two parts: 1) Day 300 through Day 400 and 2) year 2020 to year 2021.

Day 300 Through Day 400

The biggest accomplishment was being selected into the AWS Community Builders Program on May 15, 2021. I felt that it was an accumulation of all of my hard work in earning certifications.

Another big accomplishment was my passing my AI-100 AI Engineer Azure certification. Before I sat for this exam, I legit thought I was going to fail; but, I did not scoring 800/1000.

My third accomplishment was landing a cloud contract for exam questions. My passing my AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate (this is Azure associate level certification) helped me accomplish that.


Year 2020 Through Year 2021

I started my multi-cloud journey right after my birthday passing my AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals on August 31, 2020. I continued my journey by completing my Oracle Foundations Associate, Azure Data Fundamentals, Azure AI Fundamentals, Azure Administrator Associate and Microsoft Security Fundamentals along with Azure AI Engineer that I completed during my Day 300 through Day 400 cycle.

I was able to get selected into the AWS Community Builders Program, became a beta tester for a cloud exam company and land a paid cloud contract. These highlights were all due to my perseverance.

What’s Next?

Of course I am continuing my cloud journey up through Day 500. Currently I have AZ-700 this month plus AZ-500 and SC-200. I may also sit to pass the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Digital Cloud Leader cert so that I can have the big 3 (AWS, Azure and GCP) on my resume.

As always, I will keep you posted!



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