Day 450 Of 100 Days Of Cloud: When Opportunity Awaits

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I am taking full advantage of the Oracle free training and exam voucher promotion. Even with the glitch in my Operations Associate certification exam, I am still going to pass it this week. After this exam, I am going for the OCI Autonomous Database Specialist. As I’ve mentioned in several blog posts, take full advantage of the free training and certification exam vouchers offered by Oracle.

Here are my accomplishments from day 425 until today:

What’s Next?

  • Terraform Associate certification exam
  • OCI Autonomous Database Specialist certification exam
  • AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate results



Terraform was interlinked with the OCI Operations Associate. I took a break from studying Terraform because I was doing very bad in it plus Oracle has this free certification promotion. Passing this Operations Associate certification has helped me better understand Terraform because I see how it is used with another cloud provider. Previously, I was studying Terraform in isolation so now that I have Terraform interacting with OCI, I understand it better.

Second, I want to pass the OCI Autonomous Database Specialist certification because I want to be multi-cloud in machine learning. It is not good enough only to be AI-100 AI Engineer certified. I want to be machine learning certified in multiple languages. Furthermore, I will use this certification as a springboard onto passing my AWS machine learning specialty exam.

Finally, I received good news from Microsoft that the AZ-700 exam will go live this week (The company said that it would go live in late August/early September but here we are in late September/early October.). I just pray that I have passed it!

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