Day 475 Of 100 Days Of Cloud : Passed My AZ-700 Exam

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Hey everybody! I am ¾ of the way through my 5th 100 Days of Cloud cycle! These past 25 days have been one of the biggest surprises and levels of stress because I received my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta exam results: and I PASSED!

You don’t know how much a relief it is to pass that exam. AZ-700 by far is the HARDEST Azure associate exam that I have ever taken. It is much harder than AI-100 and that’s artificial intelligence.

Another development during these past 25 days is my receiving a speaking engagement. Saturday, November 6, 2021 I will be speaking in front of PyLadies Tunis on SageMaker, Machine Learning And AWS. I am honored that they’ve found me through my website and FB Messenger. You can register here to join me!


A third and final development is the sheer number of cloud computing interviews that I have been on and received. I have shifted my approach and gone straight to the Forbes Cloud 100 company list. I have landed a couple of job interviews after trying just this week. I have already completed my AZ-900 exam prep cloud contract last month so I am actively looking for other opportunities to stay in cloud!

What’s Next?

Right now, it is AWS machine learning specialty because I will give the best and most informative presentation ever! I want to tie the certification piece into it. I want them to be able to at least learn all of the algorithms that are on the AWS machine learning specialty exam. I may also cover all of the parts of SageMaker. Regardless, check me out on November 6, 2021 here!

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