Day 600 of 100 Days of Cloud : Programmed To Win

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Today is day 600 of 100 days of cloud. This has been a very different cycle because of so many new scholarships and programs that I have been a part of.


I have been accepted into and have completed these trainings and certifications

  • Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select
  • Took the SC-200 Security Operations Analyst – Did Not Pass The First Time
  • New Horizons CompTIA Certified Tech Trainer certification
  • SC-300 Microsoft Cloud Week for Partners training
  • Took the AZ-305 Azure Architect Expert beta exam
  • $1500 DreamTECH Scholarship Fund
  • GCP Jumpstart Program for Associate Cloud Engineer certification
  • Received AZ-500 December 2021 Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge exam voucher
  • Meta Elevate (Facebook Elevate) Digital Marketing Associate certification
  • SC-400 Microsoft Cloud Security Week for Partners training
  • AZ-500 Microsoft Cloud Security Week for Partners training


I am very proud to have received the scholarship and acceptance into Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select, Meta Elevate and GCP Jumpstart Program. I have received a Deloitte interview and GCP is my second cloud training program after AWS Community Builders Program. I am very happy that I have used them to upskill and reskill.

Regarding the SC-300 and SC-400, I have not passed them yet due to the CISSP and GCP training programs. However, I have just completed the SC-400 Microsoft Cloud Security Week training receiving my Credly badge here. For this next upcoming 100 days of cloud cycle, I will pass them along with my SC-200 retake and AZ-500 certifications. I am clearing up all of these certifications with the exam vouchers because when I do, I will have cleared up my time.

In addition, I will pass my Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Digital Leader and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications. I am open to using my own money to pass my Associate Cloud Engineer exam instead of wait until March 29, 2022 or later to complete all of the GCP Jumpstart Program. I do feel like my passing the fundamental Cloud Digital Leader will give me the exam structure and Kryterion experience to pass the Associate Cloud Engineer.

Furthermore, during this new upcoming 100 days of cloud, I am submitting my AWS Community Builder renewal application. Passing the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification is my goal. I want to show the program that I have used the free exam voucher and other program perks.

Finally, I do see myself landing a full-time cloud job. I have been training and doing Azure, AWS and GCP labs on Cloud Academy. My networking skills are significantly improving so I will be landing something.

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