Day 675 of 100 Days of Cloud : Season of Renewal

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Today is Day 675 of 100 Days of Cloud. The title of this 25-day cycle is season of renewal because I have submitted my AWS Community Builder renewal application on April 28, 2022 and am working on my AZ-700 renewal while sitting for the SC-100 cybersecurity architect beta exam.


I am recommitting myself towards improving my health. I had to cancel my AZ-720 Azure Support Engineer beta exam because I was sick for 5 days straight. I am happy that I have completed the Learn to Cloud’s Cloud Skills Challenge on Easter Sunday to receive a free exam voucher.


In addition to these accomplishments, I am making serious headway regarding cloud jobs. Now people are coming to me. I am also grateful for the referrals coming my way because I do need a new opportunity like soon!

What’s next?

For May, I have some things that I want to clear as I go into summer!

  • Land a full-time job and start working in the cloud
  • Eenew my AZ-700 certification
  • Attend the Azure Cloud Week and pass my AZ-305 retake
  • Complete the CloudUp SAA Twitch sessions, score over 80% on a couple of Jon Bonso practice exams, get that voucher and sit for the SAA exam to renew my SAA
  • Use my Learn to Cloud free exam voucher on either SC-300 or SC-400.

Clearing all of these things prepare me to pass my GCP Cloud Digital Leader and the CISSP (I am getting that $899 [I will save $1299. You never know in this economy!]) to apply for the CISSP exam.

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