Day 700 of 100 Days of Cloud : Senior Cloud Professional

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Today is officially day 700 of 100 days of cloud. I have wrapped up another 100-day cycle. It has been very a very different cycle. I can definitely say that during the 600-700 cycle that I am getting actually AWS jobs and more senior jobs. I have not received that type of interest since I have started.

As always here are my accomplishments in between the day 675 and day 700 cycle:

  • 5/16 – Accepted into Salesforce Fundamentals Black Talent Cohort
  • 5/19 – Accepted into Year 2 of AWS Community Builders
  • 5/21 – Received my AWS She Builds Solution Architect Associate free exam voucher
  • 5/23 – Passed the MS-900 Exam
  • 5/24 – Completed MS Build May 2022 Cloud Skills Challenge
  • 5/26 – Received May Azure Cloud Week for Partners AZ-305 free exam voucher
  • 5/30 – Applied for both the Uvaro Women in Tech and Women of Color in Tech Scholarship Program for its tech sales apprenticeship


Accepted Into Salesforce Fundamentals Black Talent Cohort

I received the application email on Friday, May 12, 2022 and the official notice May 16, 2022. I felt that my applying for the original Salesforce Fundamentals program plus my mentioning this program in my Career Trajectory LinkedIn Newsletter (Subscribe here ) are the reasons for my selection.

This program is still up in the air for me because although I can get into the main Salesforce Fundamentals Slack channel, I cannot access the Black Talent cohort thread. Sigh.

Accepted Into Year 2 of AWS Community Builders

I received my acceptance email like at 2am that morning. I was so happy when I saw it because I was nervous that I may be had not been accepted. However, I was.

Getting into the AWS Community Builders Program laid the foundation for my getting into the Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Program and GCP Jumpstart Program.

I already received my $500 AWS credits email which I would most likely apply to my new AWS account.

Received My AWS She Builds CloudUp Solution Architect Associate Exam Voucher

I was proud of myself for getting over 80% on the Jon Bonso practice exam because those were hard tests. Furthermore, it has been a while since I studied for an AWS because I had been on Microsoft Azure (Hey free exam vouchers would do that to you!).

Passed My MS-900 Exam

When I saw that an edutech company was hiring for MS365 Experts chat moderators but it wanted a MS-900 or MS-500 cert, I used my learn to code exam voucher to sit for this MS-900. I passed that exam but it was not what I thought it was. Still I passed it and submitted my job application.


Completed My MS Build May 2022 Cloud Skills Challenge

I completed my challenge the first day it came out because I truly needed that free exam voucher. I was already thinking about passing the PL-300 exam since I loved data and the PL-300 was once the DA-100. I should receive my exam voucher by June 30, 2022.

Received My AZ-305 Azure Cloud Week for Partners Exam Voucher

I failed my AZ-305 beta exam so I took the Azure Cloud Week for Partners training to pass the retake with a voucher. I was happy that I did because my goal was to pass it before my birthday.

Applied for Uvaro Tech Sales Scholarships

I came across the Uvaro tech sales program from Teneika Askew Twitter page (She is THAT GIRL! Please check here out!). I registered for its webinar and got some of my questions answered. I wanted to learn more about tech sales since interviewing was a form of sales. That way I could excel in another industry and still be in tech.

What’s next?

I am 30 days away from year 2 of 100 days of cloud. I will say that I feel like I am landing another tech job. Also I pray that my SC-100 results come back and that I am a newly certified cybersecurity architect expert. Finally, I see myself renewing my AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification and starting my CISSP journey.


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