Day 725 of 100 Days of Cloud : Rounding The Bend Towards Year 2

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  • 6/7 – Aced my second interview for a cloud position
  • 6/10 – Applied for GCP mentoring program cycle that started June 13, 2022
  • 6/13 – Attended GCP mentoring webinar
  • 6/16 – Recruiter reached out for Cloud Product Manager interview

Not a lot of stuff happened in between days 700 through day 725. What I would say is that someone on Twitter asks me if my being on day 700 of 100 days of cloud has gotten me any jobs. Why yes of course it has! I have landed a paid contract for Azure Fundamentals. I am glad that someone has asked me that because yes continuing through 100 days of cloud does yield job benefits. For me it is all landing more jobs, diversifying my income streams and staying current.

I have applied and gotten into the June GCP mentoring cycle which is great because my cloud job interview schedule has popped off. I will keep expanding my network and GCP knowledge.




What’s Next?

In 5 more days, I will write day 730 or year 2 of 100 days of cloud. Hopefully there will be some movement on the SC-100. It is unfortunate that the SC-100 cybersecurity architect expert beta exam results have not come out yet which is disappointing since the AZ-720 has.


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