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What a difference 2 years make! I mean when I started 100 days of cloud challenge on July 5, 2020. I just wanted to get my Azure Fundamentals certification and call myself multi-cloud (I had two AWS certifications). However, I learned that Oracle Cloud was offering a free certification promotion so I passed the Foundations Associate, I started getting good at cloud, networked with other cloud enthusiasts and like the old saying went ‘the rest was history.’


Why Do I Keep Going After 100 Days?

There is so much personal and professional growth. I would adamantly say that with each 100-day cycle I have gotten better and better. I have also landed paying opportunities and the recruiters have sought me out for better opportunities.

I will you an example: Now in July 2022, a top 3 public cloud recruiter reached out to me for a Cloud Product Manager position. That quality of opportunity (top public cloud) and the recruiter reaching would not had happened in July 2020.

I will say that even in between year 1 (day 365) versus now (day 730), I have grown professionally and sharpened a lot of my skills. I have completed 1 whole year of AWS Community Builders. I have also gotten into Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Program, GCP Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer and won the $1500 DreamTech Scholarship to sit for the CISSP exam prep.

The Deloitte Salesforce program showed me how a top management consulting functions with the cloud. I made it all the way to the case study and interviewing phase. Winning the $1500 scholarship to study CISSP gave me the money. CISSP exam free is over $800. Most people even senior IT professionals that is a lot of money. GCP Jumpstart program has given me free GCP lab access, clearer cloud career description, expanded my network and now I am in the mentoring program.

Also regarding GCP, because GCP is rooted in Google which is rooted in search engine optimization, this Jumpstart program has given me clearer understanding of cloud job titles and what the work actually entails. Even though I have been in other cloud programs, the GCP Jumpstart is the one who clarified what the job is. Immediately after applying for new jobs, I get interviews.


What’s Next for the Remainder of the Day 700 cycle


Here are my goals:

  • Land a New Full-time Cloud position
  • Pass My SC-100 cybersecurity architect beta exam
  • Pass my AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • Complete all of my Data Science for Python and Data Visualization Datacamp courses
  • Recertify my Oracle Cloud Foundations Associate 2022 certification exam
  • Pass my AZ-305 Azure Solutions Architect Expert retake
  • Pass my PL-300 and Use Data Camp subscription to pass it
  • Start studying to pass my CISSP

This cycle is essentially cleaning up everything that I have started in the beginning of 2022. I dislike loose ends.

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